Relocation Cases Can Present Unique Challenges

After a divorce, a potential move can add a new dimension to custody concerns. A child may already be in an emotional state of upheaval, and if they are suddenly separated from a parent by a great distance, that drastic change can have a compounding influence. Significant moves have major ramifications, and the court only allows for them under specific circumstances. These cases can be complex, and they often call for an attorney who understands this sensitive area of family law.

If you are navigating a possible relocation with your child, the attorneys at Silverblatt & Associates are prepared to assist you. We have a lengthy history of helping clients in the Wilkes-Barre area with an array of family law needs, including these delicate and complex matters.

When Will The Court Allow For A Move?

Pennsylvania state law recognizes the impact that relocation can have on a child. As the state bases custody determinations on the what is in the best interests of the child, this same principle applies to allowing for relocation. If both custodial parties do not consent to the move, you will need a judge's approval, and obtaining that requires you to satisfy certain criteria. Some factors that the court will consider include:

The age of the child: Your child's stage of physical and emotional development is important. How a move will affect their educational and physical needs will be taken into account.
The overall impact of the move: A judge will weigh how relocation would enhance the quality of your child's life. They will also assess how it would affect their relationship with the other parent.
The child's preference: If your child is of a reasonable age, a judge may consider what their personal preference would be.

When thinking about relocation, it is important to remember that the law will always side with what is in the child's best interests. At Silverblatt & Associates, we understand that you want what is best for your child, and we take pride in helping you make that a reality.

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