Navigating The Complexities Of Child Custody

As a parent, your relationship with your child is paramount. After a divorce or break-up, however, custody can become a contentious matter, and the court may end up determining where your child will live. While this is often a worrying prospect, the guidance of an experienced attorney can help.

At Silverblatt & Associates, our attorneys understand the unique importance of child custody matters. With nearly four decades of experience, we offer our clients an extensive background in this sensitive area of family law. Serving Wilkes-Barre and eastern Pennsylvania, we are committed to providing fierce advocacy to individuals as they seek to preserve custody of their children.

What Factors Will The Court Consider?

By making a child custody ruling, the court will determine what they believe to be the best interests of the child. Pennsylvania state law outlines 15 specific factors that the court must weigh. Some critical aspects of this criteria include:

  • Family relationships: The court will assess which parent is more likely to provide a loving and stable relationship. Your child's emotional well-being will be a central focus.
  • Residence: The condition of your home, and the behaviors of those within it, could be up for scrutiny. It is important to afford your child a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Safety: Having a history of drug or alcohol abuse can preclude a parent from physical custody. A history of violence is also a detriment.
  • The child's wishes: Depending on your child's age and maturity, the court may value their input. If they have a well-reasoned preference, a judge may take this into account.

A custody ruling is a significant decision. As a great deal of factors will be examined, you want to present the most comprehensive case possible. At our firm, we take pride in preparing our clients, and we can offer seasoned guidance in trying circumstances.

Our Firm Can Help You

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