The Contentious Nature Of Spousal Support

Alimony can be a major obstacle during divorce proceedings. The financial ramifications of divorce can often cause emotions to run high, as neither party wishes to surrender much ground. Before such disagreements escalate to litigation, however, it is important to consider how state law applies. An experienced divorce lawyer can often advise you of the best possible path, which may not necessarily lead to the courtroom.

At Silverblatt & Associates, we place an emphasis on negotiation over litigation. Our experienced attorneys understand that going to court can be emotionally and financially draining. We strategize on behalf of our Wilkes-Barre clients to seek a fair spousal support solution in the most efficient manner possible.

Why Is Alimony Such An Emotionally-Charged Topic?

When a couple decides to divorce, an irreparable erosion of their relationship has taken place and civility may be scarce. Because these situations are inherently tense, the already sensitive topic of finances can serve as a tipping point.

Common hindrances in alimony negotiations can include:

The assets involved: A spouse may feel as though some income sources should not be applicable to alimony calculations. Pennsylvania state law will dictate what is eligible.
The roles of the spouses: One spouse choosing to be a homemaker may have allowed for the other to earn more. Because this is not easily quantifiable, disagreements can arise.
A spouse's post-divorce needs: A party's desired lifestyle and support requirements may be a point of argument. One party may feel as though they are excessively funding the other.
Future earning power: If one spouse did not work for decades so that they could raise children, their qualifications in the workplace may be lacking. The higher-earning spouse may need to offset this, and they may not see that as fair.

A calming voice can go a long way in an acrimonious divorce. Our attorneys at Silverblatt & Associates take a reasoned, yet caring approach to each case. We understand that you are going through a trying ordeal, and we want to help you reach a settlement that can help you move forward with your life.

We Can Be Your Advocate

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