Experienced And Effective Legal Guidance

For nearly four decades, the attorneys at Silverblatt & Associates have dedicated themselves to the practice of family law. Serving in Wilkes-Barre and throughout eastern Pennsylvania, we pride ourselves on offering support to individuals when they need it most.

We understand that family matters are among the most complex and sensitive legal matters. In many circumstances, the lives of those involved are completely redefined. Count on us to work hard for you, offering the clear legal advice and experienced guidance you need at every step of the legal proceedings.

Support For A Full Array Of Family Law Matters

Our firm emphasizes resolution. In Pennsylvania, if spouses cannot agree to terms, the courts assume a great deal of power over their lives. A judge will decide how one's assets are divided. A judge will decide which parent retains custody.

We will strive to keep the decisions in your hands. We are skilled in negotiating favorable outcomes with opposing counsel, while ensuring that your financial interests and parenting rights are upheld. Nevertheless, if matters cannot be decided out of court, we are always ready to represent you at trial — as we have done so for other clients many times, with a great deal of success.

Make Sure You Understand Your Options

Our lawyers are adept at facilitating a full range of family law considerations. To learn more about our services, schedule an appointment with our firm. You can call us at 570-820-9800 or arrange a consultation through our online form.